Always in search of new sensations, Skivol bases its reputation on its ability to mix the human relationship and authenticity . From dream to reality , Matthew Eaton offers its experience in aeronautics, free flight and motor sports for you when accompanying safely in the Alps, notament in the Mont Blanc, Aravis , Beaufortin or Vanoise.

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For two, three or four max. A private basket just for you !

1,700.00 *

Want to book a fixed date. In case of delay or cancellation for weather or because of Skivol case the ticket is fully refunded.
From Courchevel (73) during the winter season 
Valid for one flight for one person (adult or more 130 tall child, week or weekend). 

Valid from early December to the end of April according to the opening dates of the resort of Courchevel 

380.00 *

For those who want to be the passenger in the guide. One space per hour of touring

260.00 *

1 hours.
Be careful !  An exclusive guide must be taken .

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250.00 *
* Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery